Where can I see rankings?
You may see them right HERE

Can I have more then once account?
Only one account per organization.

Is there any cost to track / see Handicappers?
No cost for this. 100% free.

Is there any cost to have my picks tracked?
This is also 100% free.

When can I see my favorite cappers actual selection?
Within 60 minutes after games begin.

How do I make a selection as a Handicapper?
Signup, Login and Make Selection

How many units can I risk?
All selections will be from 1 to 5 units

What sports do you track?
NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, CFL, XFL, College Football and Basketball. For Soccer simple email gamblers.lifeHELP@gmail.com with match you want. The line will be posted from Pinnacle for 15 minutes for you to place and assure lines are accurate.