Anything you need help with simply email

Can give your potential customers a sense of security by letting them know your selections are VERIFIED and MONITORED.

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Please make note of these:

  • Every 1st of the month look at the last 30 days report. If you are in 1st simply email us to get a banner.
  • If the time of a game begins changes, simply email us
  • Wagers placed after game begins will be cancelled
  • There is NO WAY to cancel or change wager. The lone exception will be when there is a Pitching Change in MLB.
  • Any errors on betting lines you MUST email in BEFORE the game begins
  • Any suspended / postponed games will remain pending if rescheduled within 90 days
  • All other rules in regards to grading of wager will be same as
  • Games where the moneyline has a favorite of -500 or greater the moneyline will NOT be unavailable
  • You are allowed to bet 5 units on the spread – or total – and 5 units on the moneyline for all sports
  • ALL USA Sports lines update live. Starting in March 2020 we offer soccer
  • To get SOCCER or International Hoops lines please email us – we will put line up for 5 mins – then remove
  • Reason for difference in Soccer is line changes do NOT update live and we must issue accurate lines.
  • ALL lines are from Pinnacle
  • If no total or spread or moneyline is posted we will use consensus line from sportsinsights or oddsportal
  • If line has higher than normal juice line will be reduced down to 20 cent lines.