Exactly 4 years and 4 days ago (July 24, 2017) gamblers.life officially launched. Only a few handicappers were on the site and we got exactly 7 unique clicks that day. Now 4 years and over 135,000 wagers tracked we now average over 32,000 unique clicks per day on average in 2021.

We started by only tracking major US sports and then expanded to Soccer in early 2020. Then we added the XFL and have CFL ready as well. Until today we did not track Pre Season or Exhibition games or International Basketball. Now starting today we will be adding the following:

HOOPS:  International Basketball

NFLX: NFL Pre Season + Pro Bowl

MLBX: MLB Pre Season (starting Feb 2022) + All Star Game

NBAX: NBA Pre Season + Summer League + All Star Game

NHLX: NHL Pre Season + All Star Game

If you have any requests or questions please email us gamblers.lifeHELP@gmail.com

A very sincere and needed THANK YOU to all the handicappers and fans of those cappers for all the success over the last 4 years!!!!

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