September 2023 was another record setting month here at We celebrated our 6th anniversary in July, so this our 7th football season and for the first time ever we sold over HALF A MILLION – 516,202  to be exact – games in a month! A huge thank you to all of our handicappers and their supporters.

We had 3 handicappers that sold over 50,000 each!!!

  1. @gianfranco1114
  2.  @yobabydaddy2b

And another 4 handicappers that sold over 25,000 each!!

  1.  @laterelease
  3.  @michaelwins
  4.  @presidential_club

The most clicked on profiles in the last 90 days have been: @yobabydaddy2b

Congrats to all that have been mentioned!!!