Apologies to the valuable handicappers for the issues this week. The service we use for odds are having major issues with the times the games are listed to begin. Therefore, some picks are displaying prior to the matches even starting. To combat this issue the IT Department added this feature to any capper who averages 100+ views / clicks everyday:

When making a selection put units in as usual then press submit. Before entering password you will now see “DISPLAY FOR SCAMMERS PICK”. This is for the people that swarms the site when there are issues like today to get free picks. The default will be the AWAY ML for MLB and NHL and will be AWAY SPR for football and basketball. but you can change to AWAY ML, HOME ML, OVER, UNDER, AWAY SPR, or HOME SPR.

Important things to remember:
1) Once you submit selection with password you CANNOT change your selection OR “scammer” option.
2) We recommend changing up “scammer” option to keep everyone thrown off.
3) We apologize for the inconvenience regarding this
4) This is a good backup for any future issues and will remain in place to protect the cappers and their picks.