This is just to clarify our rules. If there is a promo ran by an individual capper then they set their own terms but if it is a site wide promo then these rules would apply.

First and foremost, the reason we have this in place is to encourage repeat buyers. The more promos we offer, the more we want everyone to take advantage of them. This keeps both handicappers and customers happy.

The example we use: If someone buys 30 plays they have 30 days to use them. The exception to this is if a handicapper does not release a play in a day. That day would not count towards their 30 days to use up their picks. If a handicapper releases – for example – 10 plays in a day, that does not change the customers 1 pick per day average.

The handicapper has a choice A) customer forfeits the rest of their picks. Or B) gives them 72 hours to re-up at the same package price. So the example we use here is: Customer buys 30 plays at $100 each. They do not use 10 plays. They may be given 72 hours to re-up at the same price at 30 plays for $100 each. If customer does, they get their 30 plays + 10 remaining for a total of 40 and has 40 days to use up plays.