We started working on this site a few months ago and thought it would be great. We have learned alot in these first months of this site and how to help both the cappers and the public interested in cappers. We really appreciate all the kind words, emails, DMs etc we have received so far. We have alot of different visions on how to add / improve the site. Also know we want as much feedback as possible and hear what you want to see! Feel free to send us email anytime at gamblers.lifeHELP@gmail.com. But we have to share this with you as it is quite entertaining.

Last night we received this email from Total Control Sports from the email address totalcontrolsportsinny@gmail.com with the subject line as “cease and desist warning”.

Now before we go on you must know when a capper signs up they enter their email address, preferred password, and where they heard about us. Once they submit this info they get an activation link they must click to activate the account. Without this they cannot enter picks to be tracked / monitored for the public to see. They cannot even log in without clicking this link.

So this guy emails us this BS so we start doing research on this clown thinking that he is some big shot / a damn good capper. This is what we found:  NOTHING

First we googled “TOTAL CONTROL SPORTS” and see the results HERE

Nothing there so lets google the email address they signed up with and these results HERE

And what we find is #1 a link to their twitter:  LINK (This twitter was entered in their profile after they logged in.)

#2 is a free pick from the OSGA site: LINK  Took Rice +31 which lose they lost 62-7 and this side never had a shot and our favorite part was we guess after the Rice was blown out of the Australian waters he adds this comment:

Okay another free play! Only problem is this game was from Thursday Night, 3 days prior! If you look at the top of this page it says the play was published on August 26th. But he entered a “free play” that was already final!!!!

#3 was a link to his profile here at our site: https://gamblers.life/profile/?/TOTAL_CONTROL_SPORTS

Not the worst record in the world, but obviously not the best.

#4 wait…. Basically NOTHING

That is all that is on the internet about this dude.

Here are some of the email conversations last evening and this morning.



BOTTOM LINE #1: someone signed up from this email address and entered selections.

Here is the email we received when this email address submitted a sign up form:

And three minutes later we get the email confirming they clicked the link:


BOTTOM LINE #2: from this email exchange, his blowout free play on Rice and his 2nd free play with a game that was already final, obviously AVOID this capper all together. There are 23 people that work here and the reason we wanted to create this site is that we have ALL been burnt by SCAM CAPPERS and this is obviously one of them. Look forward to seeing this idiot in “court” as emails do not lie.